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You can follow the trip on Facebook and Instagram. If you are bored you can also read the first book made entirely on Instagram. Or, if you are really really bored, you can check my CV on Linkedin. ;)

What they say (Linkedin)

  • He is positive, energetic, brilliant and fun to work with. He is outstanding in getting the most of the briefs he works with, coming up with disruptive big ideas.

    - Estefanía Gimeno, Business Leader at Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi -
  • He is openminded, talented and a brilliant brief squeezer.

    - Ángel Canales, Operations Director at Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi -
  • Jonay is a great guy. Clever, funny and talented creative. Is always searching for something new to show, and very passionated for advertising. He’s a “ready, set, go guy”! I meet him in Saatchi & Saatchi Madrid, but feels like one of my old friends. 

    - Mauricio Duque, Art Director at Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi -
  • Jonay is a really really talent creative, brilliant thinker that always goes beyond all of those typical creative resources. He works as a copywriter but he is able demonstrate all the potential he has inside as a proper thinker.

    - Quoter -
  • Out of a large group of very talented creatives, Jonay struck me as being the most positive, the most responsive to what he was learning, and the most determined to put his lessons into action. I reckoned that these qualities would shape him up to be an excellent creative, and I wasn’t wrong. It’s rare to find humility and open-minded curiosity in someone who knows he’s talented and successful, and Jonay has this rare combination.

    - Quoter -

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Send me a message if you need any further information or if you want to meet me, we can talk also about the meaning of life, but don´t expect any wisdom, I´m quite primitive…

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